We are a small company who wants to bring the every day evolving technology closer to people. By offering an affordable solution to your needs, we want to help you and your business make better decisions, have a better overview, a different perspective that you cannot get from ground level. 


We can fly in a range of 1km within VLOS
Video shooting in up to 4K at 60fps
Photo shooting in 20MP
Live video feed from the camera
Constant shooting for about 25 minutes
Live stream to Facebook or YouTube
Possibility for aerial time-lapse
Possibility for fully autonomous flight

We would rather not fly if:
Wind speed is more than 60 km/h
Is raining or dense fog
Too much obstacles around like power lines
Higher than 40m if an airport is less than 2km away, except special permission to fly is granted

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Petko Tsutsumanov
C*O and drone pilot

Coming from the IT world, I have always been interested in technology. Drones came into my mind in 2013 and since then they never got out. Started out with small helicopters and quads and with time the ”toys” got bigger and better. I believe that drones are a way to get a different perspective but also to help the world in ways no one imagined.